Whisky Bottle Investing vs Cask Investing

A recession like no other needs a playbook like no other.⁠
What should you do to get your investment portfolio in ship shape for the volatile times ahead?

This year, cask sales have increased greatly, with The Whisky & Wealth Club reporting a doubling of sales in 2020 compared to this time last year, for a total of 7.8million euros.⁠

There are two ways to invest in Whisky: buy original rare casks or bottles

Owning bottles can be profitable, however whisky stops maturing once its bottled. You can acquire bottles that were produced in limited numbers, alternatively use established brokers to acquire casks that age and continuously mature becoming highly desirable, thus increasing in price quite naturally. 

Bowmore Black 1964, bottled in 1994, is a 30-year-old whisky. released at £60 per bottle and scored well with critics, a buying frenzy followed suit – only a few remain now globally.  

It beggars belief that in the 90’s you could buy a Black Bowmore for £70. With recent sales, we are seeing bottles trade in excess of 150 times that amount. Current price per 70cl? – £22,500 and climbing.

Any appreciation for bottled whisky is based on demand for that particular release. Cask whisky works contrary to the aforementioned. Casks must age at least 3 years to be deemed Scotch Whisky. As an investor, you choose to buy casks that have been distilled or casks that have already aged past 3-5 years.

Since casks continue to interact with whisky the longer they’re left, the whisky becomes more flavourful as it ages. Casks have seen over a 12% return per annum between 2015-2019 and an Increase of over 20% in 2020.

investing in casks without the help of an established broker or duty represented like UKV international, can be challenging. Using a broker like UKV international you can take advantage of a network of exit strategies and have the storage and insurance arranged for you. 

The whole process is seamless and effortless from acquisition to exit. 

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