Top 2020 Wines – Vintages to Look Out For!

The Chateau du Moulin-a-Vent, Champ de Cour, 2017. This is a Beaujolais that smothers with some serious strength – infused by a strong concentration of berry-red fruits with a nuanced, yet appreciative, hint of spice – a Cru Beaujolais with significant complexity and richness which comes in at a fraction of its neighbouring Burgundy in terms of cost. Another key supply/demand issue is that this region was victim to a major hailstorm event that reduced harvest yield. This resulted in a reduced supply. The newly released batch from the vineyard is a beautiful red wine, with a strong fruity soul with a rich yet vibrant taste, it is one to keep and it could provide a bountiful yield in ten years.

Chene Bleu Heloise, 2019. On the edge of the Rhone and Provence sits Chene Bleu, whose wines are a beautiful fruity endeavour that sit in aunique biosphere protected by UNESCO with limestone and clay soils that require love and tender care to allow the grapes to bloom to the required quality. This unique wine is aged for 18 months in dark French oak and the taste reflects the ecosystem in which it inhabits by providing a unique taste with strong investment yields.

Traerte Greco di Tufo, 2018. The Greco di Tufo is a beautiful vintage that is born from the beautiful backdrop of Campania, one of Italy’s most infamous wine producing regions. This vintage has strong floral notes with a depth of fruitiness that arrives from its great acidity and therein from its wider complexity. The vintage is a strong candidate for potential future investment yields.

Finally, the Cantine Lunac Bosoni vermentino 2019. This honeysuckle infused and full of fragrant magnolias is a beautiful vintage that continues to give. It has a nuanced acidity and a complexity of nose that gives floral notes and a touch of fruitiness. This vintage, like past vintages, has a proven track record among wine investors.

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